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We know what they’re made of. Not just good ingredients, but the stuff inside the brand that makes it a natural winner. Great management, good people, a dedication to honest goodness and a commitment to assuring your customers – their consumers – come back for more. Again and again.

We've got your back. And perimeter.

We provide our Principals and Customers with a complete front to back DSD option. We utilize a state of the art DSD invoicing & reporting platform (Encompass) which can provide real time information by banner, by sku and by time frame.

Helping you do more. And do it better.

Selling product is one thing. Immediately delivering on that sale is what makes Star wholesale great. Our direct store delivery services provide store owners and managers ease of mind, increasing loyalty as well as sales!

  • All products are NON-GMO & NON-IRRADIATED!
  • Certified Organic by OCIA & Kosher Certified.
  • Over 150 organic food products available!

Premium ingredients. Standout flavor. Snacks that are ready for everything from hitting the trails to hitting the couch.

Welcome to Plantropy the premier provider of delicious and sustainably-grown jackfruit products.

Popped in organic coconut oil with nothing artificial.

Oh!Naturals are a healthful snacks that can truly satisfy any snacker’s taste for a salty, sweet and crunchy treat — with the body benefits of whole fruits and veggies!


Crispy and crunchy, our creations unleash an entirely new candy experience!

We have an entire line of PUFFS to explore.

RIMIT Provides A Quick, Convenient, & Sanitary Solution For Rimming Your Favourite Canned Caesars, Micheladas, Margaritas, Beers and Beyond.

All Cold Grind Spices spices are grown, harvested, sun-dried and blended in India, and then cold-ground – a rare process that preserves the essential oils, resulting in our products' incredible aromatics and flavors.

Our customers enjoy a wide selection of freshly roasted nuts, dried fruits, snacks, and an extensive selection of products to meet their baking and pantry needs. 

Waterbridge has built a reputation for bringing exceptionally-crafted chocolates, traditional sweets, biscuits and more to Canadian consumers seeking affordable edible treasures. We are the bridge between the birthplaces of exquisite culinary treats and your home. Each product is beautifully dressed and available in a variety of retail settings throughout Canada.t

Jasmine Mediterranean Foods was established in 1994 with a vision to create a trusted and efficient means for customers and retailers to access the highest quality Mediterranean food products on the market. 

Bin Breeze is an All-natural & non-toxic compost powder
made from BC wood waste. BinBreeze doesn’t just mask odour. It is formulated to deal with food waste odour by providing perfect, oxygen-rich layers of moisture-absorbing carbon in your compost bin.

Brockmann Chocolate has been perfecting the art of crafting premium chocolate confections for over 80 years. With three-generations of internationally trained chocolatier experience, we know a thing or two about making great chocolate.

Bad Monkey Popcorn Located in Quebec Canada. All of our Popcorn flavours are Nut-free, Dairy-free, Vegan, and Kosher! 

Avaterra Farms Wild Rice is organically sourced and hand harvested from crystal clear lake in
northern Canada.

It has an appealing nutty flavor that blends well with other rice.
Wild rice can be a great addition to many dishes
like soups, casseroles, breads and desserts.
The health benefits of Avaterra Farms Wild Rice include high fibre, protein, B Vitamins, minerals
and low in fat.

Starwholesale has built a strong client base by supplying high quality products with attractive margins on a DSD basis to all channels….