These little sticks made from 100% potatoes, carefully cooked in canola oil and generously seasoned bring us back to the matchstick fry. Whether you enjoy them delectably one by one or gobble them down by the handful, our potato sticks are sure to satisfy even the most seasoned snackers!


Viva vegetable snacks have it all, with their fun shapes, light and crispy texture and their flavour chock-full of authenticity. Made from 100% natural ingredients, tomatoes, spinach, and potatoes that give them their pretty colours, they are also carefully cooked in canola oil, which is low in saturated fat. No matter the occasion, Viva veggie chips are sure to overjoy your taste buds.



Our Old Style chips are made of thickly-sliced, carefully kettle-cooked potatoes, one recipe at a time, and then seasoned to absolute perfection. Savour them and discover the authentic taste of homemade chips that are sure to awaken childhood memories.

Enjoy as is or… Warm your chips.

Our Old-fashioned Kettle chips are now available in a warm-up bag which is microwave safe so you can enjoy an ultimate culinary experience.