We, at Werner Gourmet Meat Snacks, are proud to have Star Wholesale Ltd. as our exclusive distributor in Canada. This summary will tell you all about our nuts and candy.

The Product

Werner Gourmet Nuts and Candy are top quality products made with snackers in mind. Werner Gourmet understands the importance of proper products that will appeal to a great variety of people and the difficulty of choosing that right snack for the occasion that is why they have a wide variety of product from Hot and spicy to sweet and savory. That’s why all the products they produce are similar to fan favorites.  Werner Gourmet Snacks are made in their 50,000 square foot factory located in Tillamook, Oregon USA.

The Particulars

The market demand is there for wholesome and convenient snack products.  Werner Gourmet Snacks are perfect for a quick snack on the go.  Werner Gourmet Snacks are simply packaged to really enhance the visibility of the product.  Enjoy these tasty snacks and know what you are getting in each package. An order can be placed with your local DSD Star Wholesale Distributor.  Werner`s Gourmet products are a guaranteed sale.

Marketing Assistance

Star Wholesale offers very competitive margins and retails on all Werner`s products.  The product is displayed on a black wired rack. Which are arranged to allure customers to the array of products. The eye-catching product and flavor varieties will appeal to customers looking for a quick memorable snack.  Speak with your DSD Sales Rep to determine the best way to professionally merchandise this product to maximize turns and profitability in your store.