We, at KL Foods Inc., are proud to have Star Wholesale Ltd. as our exclusive distributor in Canada. This summary will tell you about our all natural snack bars.


The Product

VEL Bars are high-quality bars made with health-conscious consumers in mind. KL Foods understands the importance of proper nutrition and the difficulty that comes with finding proper snacks. That’s why all the products they produce are made from simple, natural ingredients that you can pronounce. VEL Bars are naturally sweetened, no sugar added and high in fibre so they keep you feeling full longer. They are certified kosher, dairy-free, and gluten-free. These fine snack bars are manufactured in a HACCP compliant facility in Markham, Ontario.


The Particulars

The market demand is there for wholesome and convenient snack products. VEL Bars are perfect for a quick pick-me-up or as a sweet addition to the lunch bag. VEL Bars are simply packaged to enhance the visibility of the product. Enjoy tasty almonds, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, berries, seeds and other nutritious ingredients in a convenient and crunchy bar. Four tantalizing flavors are available0 Deluxe Nut & Seed, Deluxe Flaxcranberry,

Deluxe Almond Berry Bar, and Supreme Fruit & Nut. Orders for this product can be placed with your local DSD Star Wholesale Distributor. VEL Bars are a guaranteed sale.


Marketing Assistance

Star Wholesale offers very competitive margins and retails on VEL snack bars. The product is pre packed in an attractive cardboard displayer. The eye-catching product and flavor combinations will appeal to customers looking for a fresh new offering in this category.

Speak with your DSD Sales Rep to determine the best way to professionally merchandise this product to maximize turns and profitability in your store.