• In keeping with the So Soya+ brand strategy, our products fit our consumers’ active and healthy lifestyle. Soy based products when prepared tastes just like meat and even has the same texture as meat. So Soya+ is available in three varieties – Veggie chicken strips, Veggie Steak Style Strips and ground veggie burger. It contains Non-GMO soy beans, 52% Protein, No Cholesterol, No Fat, Gluten Free and 18% Dietary Fiber. So Soya+ Veggie Meat products are dehydrated and therefore have two years shelf life without any additives or preservatives. One box makes four servings in 5 to 15 minutes.We expect these product lines to help establish our position in the rapidly growing soy foods market and chart new ground along the way. It is an exciting time for the company, as we actively strengthen the equity of the So Soya+ brand.