Star Wholesale Ltd. is pleased to announce that Oh! Naturals Flavoured Snacks is part of our product offering.

The Product

All natural, flavoured banana chips are available in three delicious tastes – Chocolate, Strawberry, and Natural. The banana chips are made from real, ripe bananas with no added sugar, no preservatives, and they are gluten free, nut free, salt free and vegan.

Ready to eat sweet potato fries offer a unique crunchy snack available in three flavour profiles – Salt & Pepper, Chili Lime, and Mesquite BBQ. The sweet potato fries are trans-fat free, sulphite free, contain no preservatives and are gluten free, and nut free. Both products provide a healthy, affordable, tasty snack choice for all ages.


The Particulars

Oh Naturals! Banana Chips are made from the Chuoi Xiem banana which is grown in Vietnam. This is a non plantation variety common throughout that country and considered to be amongst the sweetest and most flavourful. The chips are processed in a facility in Vietnam under strict ISO 9000 and HACCP quality assurance guidelines. The process is called Vacuum frying and produces a chip that has 1/2 of the fat found in other banana chips. They can go into cereals, yogurts, ice-cream, trail mixes, and salads or be eaten alone as a healthy snack. The Sweet Potato Fries are great for lunch boxes and for people on the go. Orders for this product can be placed with your local DSD Star Wholesale Distributor.

Oh! Naturals is a guaranteed sale.


Marketing Assistance

Star Wholesale offers very competitive margins and retails on Oh! Naturals flavored snacks. With proper placement, the Oh! Naturals brand will drive growth in the healthy snack category. The product is packed in a pop-out display case for easy, additional merchandising opportunities. Cardboard floor shippers are also available for merchandising 8 cases of mixed product. Speak with your DSD Sales Rep to determine the best way to professionally merchandise this product to maximize turns and profitability in your store.